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Field Status


NOTES:   Fields are open for scheduled use



BHS Soph- 



Langendorf PARK - 





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*If the severe weather siren sounds -current games/practices are canceled immediately and all game fields must be vacated until the all-clear three siren blast.  When the siren sounds or lightning is spotted, all participants must go to their cars immediately.**

BYB&S Field Locations

 Click on the name for directions.

Fields of Dreams
Located off Hart Road between Route 14 and Lake Cook Road. Just behind Barrington High School?
Fields – FOD Heyse (Victory Field), FOD Lageschulte (Champions Field), FOD Grimm (Rising Stars Field), FOD Lions (Legends Field), Sophomore Field

Barrington Middle School - Station Campus? -
215 Eastern Ave,
Fields - Station Field - BMS-Station

Lines Arnett C School? -
217 Eastern Ave
Fields- Lines

Langendorf Park?
235 Lions Drive, Barrington
Fields – Park Main, Park Concession, Park Pony, Park Lagoon

Ron Beese Park?
2 Rotary Drive, Barrington
Fields – Beese North, Beese South,

Barrington Middle School -Prairie Campus ?
40 E. Dundee, Barrington
Fields - Prairie Field - BMS Prairie

Community Park?
8 Bridges Dr, South Barrington
Fields – South Barrington West, South Barrington East

Deer Park Town Center? -
Field is located behind the theater.
Fields – Deer Park 

Lake Barrington
23860 N Old Barrington Rd
Fields – Lake Barrington

Lake Zurich Fields?

All Cary Games are played at Maplewood
422 Krenz Ave, Cary 60013

Wauconda Fields?

Palatine Fields? 

All Fields of Dreams current parking is at the Barrington High School West lot.

Reminder - the school district does not allow Pets at any Fields. Thank you

Severe Weather Rules

Threatening Weather and Lightning Conditions

a. Threatening weather conditions and/or lightning will end the game or practice session. The activation of a lightning detector regardless of existing weather conditions or a visual sighting of lightning will end the game or practice session at that point. Due to the lack of lightning safe, enclosed structures at all fields they will be cleared of all persons in lightning conditions. All players, spectators, coaches and managers are to move to an area of safety i.e. Langendorf Park Field House, or a motor vehicle with a metal roof. Areas around the concession stands are not considered safe areas. No one
will be allowed into the field area while a lightning detector is activated.

b. Games scheduled to start while a lightning detector is activated will be cancelled as a rain out if the delay due to the activation exceeds fifteen minutes past the games posted starting time.

c. Practice sessions shall be delayed until the lightning detector or condition has cleared. No one will be allowed to practice until a detector has cleared. A practice session still ends as scheduled so it does not delay the next scheduled session.

d. No one will be allowed into the field area while a lightning detector is activated. Dropping off players by parents or guardians will not be permitted until the activation has cleared. For safety considerations, everyone shall remain in their cars while a lightning detector is activated.