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Evaluation Day

Evaluation Day - February 22nd at Barrington High School

Evaluation Day marks the beginning of the 2020 season for many of our players.

All players are asked to register for the season prior to Evaluation Day and then attend the appropriate session for their age and grade.

The event is an opportunity for managers, coaches and other volunteers to evaluate all players to assist the league in team formation with a goal of creating fair and balanced rosters.

February 22nd Evaluation Day Schedule

BYB&S Evaluation Day

February 22nd- Barrington High School

All 1st through 6th grade players will report to Barrington High School for the schedule listed below.

Players will go through an evaluation process in order to help us create balanced teams for the spring season.  This is NOT a tryout.  All registered players will be on a spring team.  This is a FUN event and an opportunity for players to start to get ready for the upcoming season.

The evaluations assist the league in creating balanced team rosters.

All players must register for the 2020 season in order to participate in the event. 

Pony, Colt and Seniors divisions do not participate in the February 22nd event.   

If you have any questions, please contact your division commissioner.  You can find a list of commissioners under the House Baseball or House Softball page. 


1pm to 230pm Rookies (1st Grade)
245pm to 345pm A (2nd Grade)
4pm to 530pm Minors (3rd & 4th Grade)
530pm to 630pm MAJORS (5th & 6th Grade) 


2pm to 3pm Juniors – 1st and 2nd Grade
330pm to 5pm Minors & Majors – 3rd through 6th Grade