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2018 Barrington Classic Tournaments

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For any weather related tournament updates - check the FIELD STATUS/DIRECTIONS TAB to the left.

Welcome to the Barrington Classic Tournament Page for the Week of July 19th

Welcome to the Barrington Spring Classic Tournament page for the weekend of  July 19-22.

This page will provide all of the updates you need for your tournament weekend. 

Below you will see the schedule and rules for your event.

Scores and seeding information will be updated each day on this page as long as coaches return their accurate score sheets.

To the left you will find a Field Status page.  This is the page to access directions to all fields.  This page will also provide updates if we have any weather related issues.

We have a full service concession stand at Fields of Dreams with Hot Dogs, Brats, Nachos, Hot Pretzels, Chips, Candy and many cold drink options.

No Alcohol, No Tobacco, No Dogs at all fields.

Please support players from all teams.  Great sportsmanship is expected on and off the field.

Majors Baseball House All Stars Baseball Tournament


Barrington 12 vs Geneva 12
Schaumburg 2 vs Palatine 2

Schaumburg 10 vs Batavia 10
Geneva 12 vs Elmhurst 6

Barrington 0 vs Elmhurst 8
Batavia 4 vs Palatine 14


1. Geneva
2. Elmhurst
3. Barrington

1. Palatine
2. Schaumburg
3. Batavia

12u All Star Softball Tournament


Barrington 1 vs Janesville 13
Janesville 14 vs Elk Grove 2

Barrington vs Elk Grove

1pm Bracket Game
3pm Championship Game- Janesville vs. ????


u10 House All Star Baseball Tournament


Barrington 0 vs Schaumburg 15
Glen Ellyn 13 vs Batavia 5

Glen Ellyn 7 vs Geneva 3
Schaumburg 25 vs Wasco 12

Barrington 0 vs Wasco 15
Geneva 8 vs Batavia 10


SATURDAY SEEDS: (will be posted after Saturday pool games)

1. Schaumburg
2. Wasco
3. Barrington

1. Glen Ellyn
2. Batavia
3. Geneva


A quick note on PARKING for the Barrington Classic Tournament…


For games scheduled at Fields of Dreams – there are several parking options.  There is a main parking lot that is at the entrance to the four fields.  If this parking lot is full you can park at one of the following options:


1.     Auxiliary parking lot – this is the first parking lot you see as you enter Field of Dreams from Hart Road. The parking lot is just outside one of the high school baseball fields. Then walk into the complex.

2.     The office complex across the street on Hart Road is also an option. Just take your time in crossing Hart Road by foot.

3.     Families can also park at Barrington High School in the parking lot next to the Football Stadium that can be entered off Hart Road. If you park at the high school you can walk into the back entrance to Field of Dreams.  This is about a five-minute walk between two high school baseball fields to a walking bridge across a creek into Fields of Dreams.

All Parking is FREE…


Remember – you can find Field Locations listed on the Field Conditions & Directions tab on the left side of the homepage of


14U –

  • Must have the new USSSA Mark or USA Baseball mark on its taper and NO MORE than a -5 length to weight differential OR
  • Be a Qualified BBCOR bat OR
  • Be a Wood Bat

13U to u9 –

  • Must have the new USSSA Mark or USA Baseball mark on its taper OR
  • Be a Qualified BBCOR bat OR
  • Be a Wood Bat

**u8- 2 1/4 bats only


House All Star Baseball

u8 All Star Baseball - July 5-8 FULL/CLOSED
u9 All Star Baseball - July 5-8 FULL/CLOSED
u10 All Star Baseball - July 19-22 FULL/CLOSED
u11 All Star Baseball - July 19-22
u12 All Star Baseball - July 19-22

Travel Baseball Tournament Schedule

Travel Baseball Tournaments

u9 Travel Baseball - July 12-15 FULL/CLOSED
u10 Travel Baseball - July 12-15 FULL/CLOSED
u11 Travel Baseball - July 12-15 FULL/CLOSED
u12 Travel Baseball - June 28-July 1 FULL/CLOSED
u13 Travel Baseball - July 5-8 - FULL/CLOSED


House All Star Softball Tournament Schedule

10u All Star Softball - July 12-15-Full/Closed
12u All Star Softball - July 19-22

Travel Softball Tournament Schedule

Summer Travel Softball 

12u Travel Softball - June 28-July 1- FULL/CLOSED
14u Travel Softball - June 28-July 1 - FULL/CLOSED

Welcome to the Barrington Classic Tournament Page - JOIN US IN 2018!!

Join us this spring and summer for Barrington Classic Tournaments

Tournaments are available for Full Time travel teams and there are also other tournaments of house all star teams.

Great Facilities - Play on the fields we share with Barrington High School at the beautiful Fields of Dreams complex.

Trophies and medals for top four teams in full divisions.

Full Concession Stand with hot dogs, brats, nachos, pretzels, candy, cold and warm drinks....


Dates for all tournaments are listed below.

Print and mail a completed application form with your check to secure a spot today.

We invite your team to join us for a great event that will feature terrific competition, sportsmanship, fun, and great plays by our participating players!!